Sunday, March 21, 2010

abandoned road construction sign score

Okay, so this was possibly illegal (if you consider taking road construction signs that have been left abandoned at the side of the road illegal), but I couldn't resist. Every day on my walk to work I'd been passing by this sign left over from road construction last fall, and I coveted it for my apartment. I was originally thinking of hanging it in my front room, but now I'm favoring the idea of hanging it in the hall opposite my kitchen doorway.

I love this sign on so many levels. The colour (while not, admittedly, blue like everything else in my life) appeals to me. I love graffiti, and while the sign is technically not graffiti, it definitely has that kind of feel. As you can see from later photos below, it's really beat up (although thankfully the wood is not rotting - it was a repurposed from an actual road construction sign (visible on the verso, immediately below), and therefore both made with marine-grade plywood and protected from dampness by the coatings on each face). I won't say any more, except that I find one of these photos really erotic, for some reason.

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