Saturday, March 13, 2010

black creek pioneer village

I visited Black Creek Pioneer Village (Toronto) in the summer of 2008. I love recreated colonial villages because they're full of the stuff I like to have in my own home: natural wood and fabrics, cast iron, worn surfaces...

I took a million photos that day, but have only included my favorites here. Above is a shot of a wall in the tinsmith's shop. I love the intricate patterns they could make with only a few tools.

Below are some brooms from the broom maker's shop. I bought a cobweb broom in the gift shop before I left, and it hangs in my front room today.

Below is a chandelier from a Mennonite meeting house. I love its simple lines.

The meeting house itself was really spare. I'm not sure if it's an authentic representation of what the space would have looked like when it was being used for worship services.

Below is a tool shed, with plants hanging to dry from the rafters.

A cart in the tool shed.

Another chandelier, this one from the town hall.

The interior of the town hall. I love the colours.

A quilt in one of the homes.

Irons sitting on the stovetop.

A rusty wash basin full of water.

The weaver's shop.

The dining room in the doctor's house.

A shamrock sitting in the window.

One of the many photographs of chairs that I took that day. I also love the colour of the painted floorboards.

A cutting board for bread.

The cobbler's shop.

Rocking horse.

I love the rush seats in the next couple of chairs.

A simple table. Look how wide the boards are.

Another table.

Whimsical "creature" on a windowsill.

Tools inside the mill.

I love how deep the window sills are.

One of the mill doors, studded with nails.

A discarded mill wheel.

I really liked the exterior of this little house. Very simple.

Berries drying in a window.

Dried flowers in a bowl.

I absolutely love the colours in this quilt.

Another bed in the same house.

And yet another bed...

Another chair...

A basket of toys on a porch.

Fleece waiting to be carded.

Sunshine on another basket of fleece.

Inside a barn.

Check out the massive beams.

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