Friday, March 12, 2010

junk style christmas tree

I'm not a big fan of decorations at any time of year, but perhaps even less so at Christmas. It's not that I'm a Scrooge - I love the time of the winter solstice, and the symbolic return of the light celebrated in the Christian tradition. But I definitely don't go in for Christmas trees, lights, or any of the other knick-knacks that many people seem to love.

The second Christmas I lived in Toronto, however, I felt the need for some special THING in my apartment to mark the season. I found a small branch on one of my walks and, inspired by Tibetan prayer flags and various other rituals, decided to "decorate" my branch with paper slips upon which were written the qualities I wished to develop in the coming year. Things like discipline. (To be honest, that's the only one I can remember. Apparently I didn't wish to develop memory. Just saying.)

Anyhow, I offer my Christmas prayer tree as an example of what you can do with found objects to create unique seasonal decorations for your home.

(The pot, by the way, was a gift a couple of Christmases earlier from a client of mine. Her daughter had painted it. I treasured it until it broke.)

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