Thursday, March 11, 2010

good-bye chairs

My name is Michelle Lynne Goodfellow, and I have a chair fetish. Well, probably not. That is - if fetishes have anything to do with sex. Although... never mind.

But anyhow... I have a chair addiction, I guess. I can't stop buying chairs. And recently I've decided I need to get rid of some of my stuff, and the obvious place to start (because I have so many of them) seems to be there.

Above are two cream-coloured kitchen chairs I got from my local Goodwill back in the fall. I love the way they look - they were perfect in my kitchen when I brought them home - but they really aren't in great shape. A male guest sat in one of them for about an hour one night... and he experienced rung fail.

So I decided to put them out on Sunday afternoon (the day before garbage day this week; London's garbage pick-up rotates on a six-day schedule), and before I carried them to the road, I took these pictures. Also decided to get rid of another chair... but more on that in a minute.

I loved the way the late afternoon sunlight diffused as it sifted through the air of my front room.

These chairs had some of my favorite features, including rough undersides and amateur repairs.

I love the brushmarks of paint on the underside of the seat.

Natural patina...

One of my own botched repair jobs - after one of the cats knocked the chair over and broke a rung outright.

Loose joints...

So below is the other chair - one that a Toronto friend of mine found at the side of the road in Riverdale. I loved the bones of this mid-20th century teak chair so much that I took it home, even though the seat was a mess.

I painstakingly pulled up an old upholstery job, and cut away the original caning on the seat. All the upholsterer's tacks gashed my knuckles as I spent hours trying to pull them up too.

Actually, on second thought I think the wood is beech. But what do I know?

In the end I gave up and replaced the seat with some old plywood boards, cut to size. (Not seen here.) If I didn't have a dearth of space, I'd probably keep this chair around just for the beauty of its worn edges...

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  1. I fear that I have many of your favourite features as well. Amateur repairs, although maybe not rough undersides. Natural patina. Loose joints. Worn edges. Please don't put me out at the curb...